Konrad Wiktor
14 days ago
2 months ago
- Customizable Comment, Like, Share, Retweet, More Icons by using SVGs from https://icons.getbootstrap.com this wil help us to customize more the platform.

- What is premium account for? Only for removing ads? Maybe It is good add also a feature for premium account users to have different max upload size than normal users example normal users 25MB to premium users can upload 256MB something like that.

- Based on some users using this script, Ads from feed is redundant, Why don’t you try to make a multiple input blocks where they can add different types of ads like they have the same types but different Ad ID so the ads will not become redundant. Juts noticed on inspect element view.

- SMS OTP, This can also be applied in Affiliate, When a user register with an affiliate link. They will be able to redeem the reward when the user verified their phone number something like that.

- We are missing roles here such as Affiliates where user role will have Affiliates feature option for users you ONLY want to give rewards for inviting users this will also limit fake accounts or spam accounts

Roles and SMS OTP is one of the key for the loop hole rewards in this platform or script, Because affiliate will really become that useless if people can easily register without having valid verifications that they are not spam by the same affiliate link owner.

Reposting since my post has been deleted for no reasons 😒
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lance Johnson
3 months ago
How can I get verified lance_da1
7 months ago
@mansur_TL Why isn't your account verified here, so we know it is the real you?
11 months ago
I am verified
Fatality Show
12 months ago
Dear friends, I am a blogger and I want to get my profile verified. I have 150 thousand subscribers on tiktok and 24 thousand subscribers on youtube channel
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Barack Obama
1 yr. ago
Im Barack Obama can anyone help get verified 😅
Mehdi Pro
1 yr. ago
Hi @mansur_TL idées

Nice please includes too Icons ( White and blue )

About verified accounts icons Blue and White

Display by clicking POPUP on the white Badge icon the user information is displayed to inform the form of this user exemple ( Samsung company a mobile brand with white badge Verified (White)

Change display view✨

Manage your display affect only Badge Verified
( of color Default : Blue and White )

Title texte exemple :
Account information This account is verified because it's notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.

#ideas #colibrism #verified #Teskale

Update .... Teskale Bro mert_ks 🙏
Plaese Check ✅ Mansur🙏

Exemple : https://twitter.com/SamsungFR
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Comets Bud
1 yr. ago
What about a point system where users earn points for posting a status, and you can use those points to unlock the verified badge, or to help promote posts, maybe even to cash-out points. Or use them for achievements by becoming a stand-out creator on the platform? #ideas
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1 yr. ago
Build website for restaurant, bars and hotel with booking online system
Click in the link. Verified from Fiverr
Treasure Uvietobore
2 yr. ago
hi am verified

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