Henkie de Penkie @henkiepenkie
25 November, 01:22
Nice testing. #picture
zongarooindia @zongarooindia
24 November, 03:35
Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globes, making him one of the highest-paid performers in the world. He is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, with a total of over $4 billion in North American ticket sales and over $11.1 billion from all around the world. When Premiere magazine released its 2006 Power List, Cruise was at number 13, higher than any other actor. He was named the most influential celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine that same year. According to CinemaScore's founder in 2016, "two stars, no matter how awful the picture, they can bring the box office up" are Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio.
dcj @dcj
07 September, 03:08
Still also think it would be cool to allow .gifs as profile pictures and to allow .png to retain transparency, and for the video player to be updated. Hope the #teamcolibrism is doing well!

#colibrism #feature
mengze120 @mengze120
02 August, 06:04 (E)
What I think HTML5 mobile pages should be enhanced

1. Similar user recommendations

2. Recommended topics of interest

3. Add topic focus function at the whole end

4. Mobile page video playback cannot be played automatically in full screen

5. It is recommended to add an upload progress bar when uploading pictures and videos all over the terminal

6. Add upload filter function

7. Add a page to recommend popular tweets on my home page to recommend popular tweets at present

8. I hope the mobile terminal page can be refreshed by pulling down

9. Tweets of users' praise and comments can be displayed on my homepage

10. My homepage can also be displayed by user tweets that are followed by multiple users

dcj @dcj
03 July, 12:10
Not sure if bugs or features, but this is what I see that could use fixes?


- On the profile page on the profile picture there is 1px of space on top.
- On the dark theme, the site ad's text description is dark and cant be read.
- Some special text and emojis don't show up in profile names.
- Third-party ad code should stack, but they go side by side cutting each other out. If that's a bug or a feature idk.

More ideas?

- Make the site ad image also go to the link, not iframe pop out its image.
- Maybe only for the app, add filters to the swifts?

Keep up the good work #teamcolibrism

#bugs #colibrism #suggestions
dcj @dcj
20 June, 09:23
On your profile page, the profile picture looks to be 1px off. You can see a 1px white bar in the pfp.

Frank You @frank2017
25 April, 03:44
I cannot upload pictures and video on my website ?
Is there any error ?
However just with this phone I cannot upload ,but with other phone I can .
Is there problem with permission of phone ?
Also I can Upload pictures here .
What is wrong ?
bustabutt @bustabutt
30 March, 01:42
Taking pictures in HD isn always simple. You need to measure light, adjust contrast & brightness, and use the right exposure time. See how I did. (By the way, you cannot post more then 10 pictures this way) #gallery
bustabutt @bustabutt
28 March, 06:28
😃Check out my new picture gallery! #gallery
bustabutt @bustabutt
26 March, 06:15
A gallery of nice pictures😃
bustabutt @bustabutt
26 March, 12:01
Check out my picture gallery 😃
topsignaljammer top @topsignaljammer
14 March, 10:55
Airport: In recent years, drones "flying black", especially the incidents of invading the airport clearance protection area, have frequently occurred, seriously threatening the normal operation of the airport and the safety of passengers.

Important event sites: conference sites, such as large international conferences, major home diplomatic events, sports competitions

Wireless Remote Control Portable Drone Blocker GPS Frequency
Prisons: Prisons have high privacy to prevent information leakage

Military Administrative Areas: Article 15 of the Law on the Protection of Military Facilities prohibits personnel, vehicles and ships from entering the military restricted areas other than the management units of land and water military restricted areas, and prohibits photography, video recording, recording, surveying, surveying, depicting and describing the military restricted areas. Aircraft are prohibited from flying at low altitudes over military restricted areas. However, unless approved by military organs at or above the military region level

Large-scale concerts: Large-scale concerts are one of the most crowded places, and one of the security plans will have security measures to prevent drones from intruding.

Drone jammer can prevent drones from taking pictures, control or force drones to land.

SADAM HUSSAIN @go_61433640e7313
09 March, 07:26
وداعا للفئران طريقة عمل مصيدة للفئران 2 - YouTube

وداعا للفئران طريقة عمل مصيدة للفئراناقوي طريقة لعمل مصيدة للفئران وانتا قاعد في البيت طرق سهل جدا ومريحة جدا

Mehdi Pro @MehdiPro
25 December, 01:31
Hi @mansur_TL

Please Add Content Adult

New controls for porn warning in the settings

content you see “Filter” Media ( and “Limit” that could keep potentially view content adult content — and people who might create add videos picture upload with a check mark content adult pornographie warning voir le contenu

Exemple :

Please @mansur_TL 🙏

#colibrism #twitter
Szt VIP @sztvip
27 November, 01:09
Multiple pictures upload not working on mobile app... every photo selected one by one. Tested on Samsung Note 20. #moappbugs

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