1 month ago
Testing words and hashtags: Does anyone know how to make homemade rabbit and quail food? #Rabbits #Quail #Pellets #Farm #Homestead
Anderson Madeira
5 months ago
Fui para casa tomar banho @test , isso é um teste de hashtag #hashtag
5 months ago
Possible feature idea, when on any profile you can browse the hashtags they have used. Like a tab that's next to Media/Likes.

#suggestions #feature #colibrism
8 months ago
I also really like how far the topics/hashtags area has come. If possible link together where you are from ( like what country) to top hashtags in that country. Kinda like how Twitter does it, to give more topics based on your location. Have a tab for local hashtags or global hashtags.

#colibrism #suggestions
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ivan petkovic
8 months ago
Will you make antiflood system?
Also, can you make trending hashtags like twitter (daily,weakly trading based on popularity?)Can you done this in next update???

@Support @mansur_TL
Lucian Dumitrescu
8 months ago

1. notifications sistem not working on app

2. how change exist mesage "do you want to exist colibri".

3. When i rwite text + youtube link and post it, text is removed. it post only youtube.

4. on profile follow/followers is not showing (css problem i think)

5. when you use "hashtag" or "profile tag" it pop up frame to select "profile" ori "tag" but if you want to not tag somebody and do you want to close, is not working.

thanks for support and great work, Lemonity!!!!
#moappbugs #colibrimobileapp
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Jana test
8 months ago
when there was a hastag in the post , we cannot click on that hashtags, only the post is highlited, we need to provide clickable action to hashtags in the post
Barack Obama
11 months ago
Hey @mansur_TL I can mention someone in my bio even can add hashtag
James Ben
12 months ago
Edward Test
1 yr. ago
#amerix testing hashtags
andro kur
1 yr. ago
#moappbugs There is bug here while we are trying to reply to a comment. It seems it is failed to reply comment but actually it is successfuly replied but we can't see it. On the other hand, hashtag is not auto-completing sometimes as you see in the video..
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dou love mee
1 yr. ago
There is another problem when I write a hashtag that does not show me the suggestions for the existing hashtag u need fix #moappbugs
Pagal Guru
1 yr. ago
#UserFeedback #colibrism Let's use the #UserFeedback hashtag to record user experience using Colibri, be it installation, bugs, issues, etc. Post your purchase experience, support ratings etc. Suggest new features too
Krishna krish
1 yr. ago
Hi, to all my Friends. If you create a website with #colibri script. Share your Website name $ Idea Here with the #My_Website Hashtag. so we can share our thoughts on the further development
Nicky Lalrochhara
1 yr. ago
#AssamShotFirst just saw on twitter what is this hashtag mean ..? Ka hre kar mai a😆
Тараон Тараон
2 yr. ago
Hello script developers!
I suggest making the number of topics with a hashtag at the bottom as here
Mehdi Pro
2 yr. ago

Hello Mansur first of all I like your script the idea of ​​the design of twitter I like very much; except that a lot of options are still missing :

Add Fleets story

To use Fleets, type something, or share a video or a photo, just like you would for a regular Tweet. But with Fleets, you don’t have to feel any pressure before it goes live. That’s because the content is only live for 24 hours before it disappears.

You can think of Fleets as similar to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories or Snaps.

Basically, Fleets are ideal for passing thoughts. Because they disappear after 24 hours, the shy Twitter user can feel more comfortable about being a little more vocal on the platform.

Schedule and save drafted Tweets

This add is useful for marketers who often find they begin writing a Tweet, but want to finish up the writing later on.

You can now save your Tweet as a draft natively. It’s similar to Hootsuite, where social media marketers can draft and schedule Tweets to publish.

Begin writing your Tweet in the Composer, as you usually would. To save it as an unfinished and unsent draft, click the cross in the Composer’s top left hand corner, like you are closing the Composer. This will open a pop-up, asking if you want to discard the Tweet or save it for later.

Click Save and the Tweet will be filed under Unsent Tweets. You will find all your Unsent Tweets when you reopen the Composer.

I and one that will be nice for ColibriSm To schedule the publication of the Tweet once it is ready, click on the calendar icon in the Composer. Then choose the day and time you want the Tweet to be published.

Prime ad spot is now paired with video

This ad type can support video, GIFs or static images. And the ad always appears at the top of the Explore tab, where trending topics and hashtags appear. This is a prime location for advertisers to connect with their audience.

These ads appear at the top of the Explore tab for two visits per person, per day. After that, the ad moved out of the spotlight and into the standard Promoted Trend placement.

Manage your ColibriSm presence alongside your other social channels and save time using From a single dashboard, you can schedule and publish posts, engage the audience, and measure performance. Try it free today.

These options seem very useful to me 😊
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Muzamil Rizvi
2 yr. ago
This trend is becoming increasingly popular on Twitter.

When you go to and type in any hashtag -- you'll see photos before you see any of the tweets.

By creating an image (in Canva for example) and tweeting it with a popular hashtag from your niche, you have an opportunity to show up in that prime real estate at the top of that Twitter hashtag search.

If you happen to be in the Post Planner app when you're doing this, it's super easy since the app is integrated with Canva.

Simply click on the Canva logo and you can do all this directly from the Post Planner app.
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Webxon development
2 yr. ago
нιη∂ι тяαηѕℓαтιση. єαѕу нιη∂ι туριηg ρяσνι∂єѕ тωσ нιη∂ι туριηg тσσℓѕ тσ туρє ιη нιη∂ι υѕιηg єηgℓιѕн αℓρнαвєтѕ ρℓυѕ ƒяєє нιη∂ι ƒσηтѕ
#hindi #hashtag #was
Edward Test
2 yr. ago
#colibrism Can you make hashtags autocomplete while typing it, just like in twitter?
Edward Test
2 yr. ago
#colibrism Can you make hashtags autocomplete while typing it, just like in twitter?
2 yr. ago
HEy its hashtag test #hashtag
Scott Doe
2 yr. ago
Hey there testing the hashtag issue,
I hope this gets fixed soon.
#bug #mobileapp #dukhiKarDitta #FixHoJaHun
2 yr. ago
#talksos @evolvingant testing another #hashtag

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