Lucian Dumitrescu @Lemonity
01 June, 12:52

1. notifications sistem not working on app

2. how change exist mesage "do you want to exist colibri".

3. When i rwite text + youtube link and post it, text is removed. it post only youtube.

4. on profile follow/followers is not showing (css problem i think)

5. when you use "hashtag" or "profile tag" it pop up frame to select "profile" ori "tag" but if you want to not tag somebody and do you want to close, is not working.

thanks for support and great work, Lemonity!!!!
#moappbugs #colibrimobileapp
Philemon OArpelleh @Philarpy
20 May, 01:39
Hello it's a great day, and you're awesome!
John Square @ghost9
05 May, 12:09
Sure great house going to be good
Jornie Hub @Dasod
01 May, 11:06
It great to be back here again.

I really love the features of this script but still thinking of how I can put it into good use
Jornie Hub @Dasod
01 May, 02:19
Yeah yeah this seems to be nicer than I had thought.

Probably there is more I can actually do with this.

Looking forward to working with this script. And yeah nice Job from the team, you guys are doing wonderfully well I must say you have done a really great job with this!!
Jornie Hub @Dasod
01 May, 10:55
Here we are today trying to write another heart warming stories and it been the best so far.

How about we trying adding a features to this in which users can earn points and also transfer points between themselves and their user. Great idea right and also don forget adding the withdrawal features too. I think it would really be a great move
Philemon OArpelleh @Philarpy
29 April, 10:10
Its a great day!
e welcome here!
Gideon Mensah @gideon
23 April, 04:53
The great idea is to make great bus you to
david smith @maczad
14 April, 02:07
The developers of #colibrism and mobile apps are doing a great job. I hope you continue doing this regardless of the negative comments. Remember, you can never please everyone. TheBlackLoki @mansur_TL
Kumar sangara @kumar_sanu
26 March, 01:13
New updates are really good. But UI compared to the last version is not that great.👎
pippototaro @pippototaro
22 March, 02:36
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Jion EXE @Jion
05 March, 04:09
I like this script very much.
What I want from this great script right now is the source code modification for closed service.
My site does not allow the information of registrants of my service to be open to the public.
For starters, I look at the source code every day.
Erfan Sajjadie @go_61ceda7d95f9a
31 December, 01:27
Greate Filee😭
TokTok App @toktokapp
12 December, 01:39
your app is working great I honestly would love to say that I will purchase it and use as my second app for my social media.
TokTok App @toktokapp
11 December, 03:50
great 😃

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