yohendri valles @yohendri
21 September, 11:13 (E)
Quien borra el post que me envíe un DM yo hice el trabajo que el programador de la app oficial no a podido #colibrism #app
Parvizbek Sharipov @uztvit
21 September, 02:49
ColibriSM is a media sharing platform similar to Twitter, Instagram, which can be used for many purposes, for example, if you want to create a forum, news site, or just a social network.
dcj @dcj
07 September, 03:08
Still also think it would be cool to allow .gifs as profile pictures and to allow .png to retain transparency, and for the video player to be updated. Hope the #teamcolibrism is doing well!

#colibrism #feature
dcj @dcj
07 September, 02:54
Possible feature idea, when on any profile you can browse the hashtags they have used. Like a tab that's next to Media/Likes.

#suggestions #feature #colibrism
Parviz Sharipov @parvaz
04 September, 02:38
"Please pay attention. This update is not a planned release due to numerous customer requests to fix some bugs. A planned update with new features will be released as soon as the developers complete work on it.

“Please note, we do not give an exact release date for the update, as we work on a flexible schedule, but we can say that we release updates almost every month, or even more often.” #colibrism #Update
Luana Martinez @Lumart
24 August, 08:36
Boomer @Boomer
25 July, 11:26
dcj @dcj
17 July, 06:55
I've noticed that on the search page, or explore page, third-party ads don't show up, and show their code. Only in the post tab.

#ColibriBugs #bugs #colibrism
dcj @dcj
11 July, 01:50
So My domain for that I use this script recently got approved for Google Adsense, however, horizontal/in-post ads don't show up. Other third-party ads do. The vertical sidebar ad works fine showing google ads though.

#ads #bug #colibrism
dcj @dcj
09 July, 09:11
There should be a few settings for swifts.

- How long you want to set the swift. Max view time should be 60 sec.
- You can view other users' swifts if you visit their profile by clicking their pfp, or add a button on the profile page to view them. Regardless if you follow them or not?

Keep up the good work #teamcolibrism
#colibrism #swifts #feature
dcj @dcj
03 July, 12:10
Not sure if bugs or features, but this is what I see that could use fixes?


- On the profile page on the profile picture there is 1px of space on top.
- On the dark theme, the site ad's text description is dark and cant be read.
- Some special text and emojis don't show up in profile names.
- Third-party ad code should stack, but they go side by side cutting each other out. If that's a bug or a feature idk.

More ideas?

- Make the site ad image also go to the link, not iframe pop out its image.
- Maybe only for the app, add filters to the swifts?

Keep up the good work #teamcolibrism

#bugs #colibrism #suggestions
dcj @dcj
27 June, 01:59
I also really like how far the topics/hashtags area has come. If possible link together where you are from ( like what country) to top hashtags in that country. Kinda like how Twitter does it, to give more topics based on your location. Have a tab for local hashtags or global hashtags.

#colibrism #suggestions
dcj @dcj
27 June, 01:48
If the video player gets updated in this script to where the video will play in the post, not in a popup iframe. The video posts should also have a view counter to indicate how many times it's been watched. I like how effort is being put in here to show a more accurate timestamp with status and such, I think a view counter on videos would help too.

Also, I'd give the audio feature an upgrade as well with a newer look as a post type. Maybe like a SoundCloud wave look to it or something.

Again, no rush to fix bugs or add in suggested features. Keep up the good work.

#colibrism #suggestions
dude44 @dude44
21 June, 02:45
dcj @dcj
20 June, 09:26
Another posible feature? when creating an account have a checkbox for a normal user account or a business account? Where it has other settings, profile fields, or features for businesses who join.
#feature #suggestions #colibrism

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