Lucian Dumitrescu @Lemonity
25 May, 02:23
from the android application, when I write something on the wall/feed and put a youtube link too, only the link is published, what I wrote is not show it. #bug #colibriasm #colibriAndroid
Johan Doe @johandoe
13 October, 01:05
Just testing out the app #colibriAndroid 😊
Satyam Tiwari @satyamtiwri002
15 July, 05:46
Can anyone help me to develop this app DM me #app #colibriAndroid #androide #FantasticScript
Ayaan Mansoori @Ayaan
27 June, 07:40
#colibriAndroid Please Add CDN soon so i can buy App Also.....!!

and please Modify Message Section we don't get feel to whom we are chatting add Profile on header like Web Version....

btw Did an Awesome Work First time i loved this Much to Any script or Source Code....

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