Mikhail Telecomlife
3 days ago
#SENSAT сообщает, что с 01.02.2023 опция «Безлимит на Мессенджеры» также действует для мессенджера «Telegram» ТП «WEB серфинг», «Для большого дела».

Стоимость опции «Безлимит на Мессенджеры»: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram - 1099 руб.в месяц.

Скорость ограничения: прямого канала/обратного каналов 512/256 кбит/с.
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Mikhail Telecomlife
3 days ago
#SENSAT сообщает, что с 01.02.2023 опция «Безлимит на Мессенджеры» также действует для мессенджера «Telegram» ТП «WEB серфинг», «Для большого дела».

Стоимость опции «Безлимит на Мессенджеры»: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram - 1099 руб.в месяц.

Скорость ограничения: прямого канала/обратного каналов 512/256 кбит/с.
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4 days ago
What is happening in 2023
kobra fill
9 days ago
testing the #app 😅
Fuzzy fuzzy
9 days ago
So guys you all thought @mansur_TL was going to drop colibrism but he didn't this project is his dream and it has grown exponentially well, there are a few bugs and such but the foundations are solid and becoming something amazing, then you have @ColibriMA again fantastic application but you guys couldn't wait for bugs to be fixed, you pressured Dave & mansur you upset them but they stuck around, guys appreciate what you have, with our this script there would be no colibrism without Dave there wouldn't be no app, then you all moved to TESKALE and guess what 5 months down the line TESKALE scammed you, all teskale sites have closed and I very much doubt it will be back, and just to recap, Robert dayzen is mert, he never sold the rights he just pretended he moved on from it because he discovered giving his real email he was hounded by people, if you look at TESKALE email from Robert he is infact also Turkish, guys remember good hard working Devs like mansur & Dave don't come round often, start respecting and wait for updates stop hounding them, just wait
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Mdd Sydul
17 days ago
I'm Using Mobile App
23 days ago
[Bugs] -- What ive encountered so far.
- When on the timeline, images will unload, then load back in but make the page load slower.
- If you scroll down the timeline far enough then scroll back up really fast it keeps loading posts that were made months ago/the first post ever made.
- Uploading a file will take forever to upload if it does, and will cause the page to unload. 80% of the time I've tried.
- If you leave the page to another browser tab and come back to it later on, it will take forever to load anything, or all of the above will happen. It seems you cant leave the webpage to continue using the site/script

I have to be on my profile page, and hit New Post on the sidebar for the site to load fast enough to make the post

#colibrism #bugs #ColibriBugs
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25 days ago
Go download my app if you have android
26 days ago (E)
Happy New Year @mansur_TL #HappyNewYear
goerge george
26 days ago
26 days ago
26 days ago
$2,500 - New Chicken Coop For Sale. Located in Rockledge, Florida. Solid wood with beautiful appearance. We are moving and cannot take it with us. #ForSale #ChickenCoop #Florida #BrevardCounty #Rockledge #Marketplace
26 days ago
Happy new year 2023
demo demo
30 days ago
@mansur_TL tested out the new update on your page and also on app. on the website I'm seeing old posts from a year ago and other old posts. then it changes to see some newer posts. did you delete some data from. other users? I also can't navigate the site properly. once I'm on the feed there is no option to access anything else there are no navigation buttons
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30 days ago
@ColibriMA "Couldn't resolve the package 'colibri'" i am getting this freaking error every time when i'm trying to runn app... how to fix that shit?
Borland Notz
1 month ago
wow, really cool flutter app :)
Gursharan Singh
1 month ago
The Whole Structure on Health Nutrition using a Gluco Trust Product

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The program focuses on disease prevention, health promotion, and health maintenance. It is designed to help individuals make changes in their lifestyle that will lead to improved health and well-being

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The lifestyle changes program of Gluco Trust focuses on helping individuals create a healthier lifestyle by making small changes in their daily habits. This may include reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, increasing physical activity, and making healthy food choices. This program provides individuals with the resources and support needed to make lasting changes in their lives.

Which Gluco Trust is best for diabetics ?

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1. Glucerna: Glucerna is a trusted brand of gluco trusts. It is specifically designed for people with diabetes and contains a broad range of vitamins and minerals to support healthy blood sugar levels. Glucerna also contains chromium, which helps the body better process carbohydrates and fats.

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Advantages of Gluco Trust
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A. Improved Blood Sugar Levels
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B. Improved Digestive Health
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C. Increased Energy Levels
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Disadvantages of Gluco Trust
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A. Potential Side Effects
Gluco Trust is a medication designed to help people manage their diabetes and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. While the medication is generally safe to use, plz visit https://gluco
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2 months ago
Happy Sleep
Mansur ATL
2 months ago
Hi all!

Hi all!

I would like to share information about the already added functions for this script, but this is just a small part of what will happen next.

1. Correction of the problem with the translation of the names of months in dates

2. Fixed a bug with sending mail that causes mail clients like Google to mark emails as spam

3. Added the ability to replenish the wallet by bank transfer

4. Added ability to cancel affiliate withdrawal request

5. Added the ability to transfer money earned through the affiliate program to the user's main wallet

6. Added the ability to disable the API from the admin panel

7. Added the ability to disable the guest page from the admin panel

8. Added a system to restrict certain usernames and email addresses from the admin panel

9. Added the ability to connect through the admin panel of custom CSS and JS code to the site, for those who want to change something in the display

10. Added the ability to transfer money from a user's wallet to another user
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Neil Langston
2 months ago
it’s still fuck this app gm tho
Neil Langston
2 months ago
good morning y’all and fuck this app
Ramesh Kumar
2 months ago
The Complete Detail on RIMC Exam Preparation Coaching Center
An Overview of the RIMC Exam and Coaching Center ?
The RIMC coaching centre is a professional coaching centre that provides quality coaching services to students preparing for the RIMC's numerous competitive exams.
Mr. Syed Aslam Shah, the center's director, is also a trained coaching instructor with a Bachelor's degree in education and professional coaching accreditation from the World Coaching Foundation.
The following competitive examinations are currently served by the centre:
GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
GAMSAT-Graduate Aptitude Test in Medical Sciences
3. Centralized MBBS-CAMB Admissions Process 4. Centralized Admission Process for Postgraduate Diploma Program - CAMP GMEEI (Graduate Medical Entrance Examination in India) 6. Joint Entrance Exam for Indian Institutes of Technology -
Since its inception in 1996, the RIMC Coaching Centre has provided students with test preparation services. The organisation has a staff of skilled and qualified specialists who are dedicated to providing high-quality services at reasonable prices. During the session, students will receive personalised coaching tutorials to help them better comprehend the material.
It provides comprehensive preparation courses for several competitive tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, and IELTS, among others, to help students prepare confidently for these exams.
Full assistance for various student groups such as Indians, Non-Indians, International Students, and Overseas Applicants.
It facilitates students' understanding of competition and culture by organising numerous tours to these countries.
How Do I Select a RIMC Exam Coach?
When selecting a coach, you should consider several factors, including the coaching style, the syllabus, and the charge. You should also evaluate how the coach is perceived by local and international athletes. The coaching style should help you improve as an athlete and achieve your goals.
A powerlifting-style, weightlifting-style, or Olympic weightlifting-style approach are several coaching techniques that are well-known for their success in developing new athletes.
The syllabus should be simple but comprehensive, with enough of materials for you to use and learn from during your session. What was the most crucial thing you did to get ready for your coaching sessions? In order to reach your goals as a coach, you must have a clear focus and direction. It is also critical to understand the goals and how many sessions with each athlete will be required to achieve those goals.
Interviewing coaches is the greatest approach to determine which one is right for you. Inquire about their RIMC exam experience and what they can offer you. You may also inquire about their teaching style and syllabus to get an idea of how long it would take them to assist you prepare for the exam.
It is critical that you select a coach with RIMC exam teaching experience since they will be able to personalise their training to your specific needs. They will also be able to tell you how long it will take them to assist you prepare for your exam.
Choose a coach who is close to you. Depending on your preferences, they will be able to work with you over the phone or in person. Determine how much time you'll need to study for your exam and what kind of training, practise quizzes, and so on you'll require before the exam.
What is a Good Pre-requisite for Enrolling in a Different RIMC Course?
A pre-requisite course is one that you must complete before enrolling in the RIMC programme. The prerequisite courses differ from one school to the next and from one programme to the next. The School of International Studies at AUC offers RIMC courses. Courses at RIMC RIMC 101: Introduction to International Studies- This course will not be offered in 2022-23. 201: International Studies Overview RIMC 203: International Relations History As an academic discipline, Asian studies is the broad study of Asia. Asian studies is an intellectual activity or field that studies Asia as a whole. It is divided into several subfields and techniques.
People must complete a number of prerequisite courses before they can even consider taking the RIMC test. A excellent example is the business English course, which is required for many English degree programmes and colleges. How much does a radiation therapy graduate certificate cost in total? The overall cost of the programme varies depending on the number of credits you take.
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Shug Avery
2 months ago
but wait…how this app got stories and THEY WORK 😂
aubrey lane
2 months ago
I’m just happy ion have to click the buttons 5011x to post 😇 like that other app 😭
you tell me
2 months ago
I know 90% of this app is bots 😂
Kay Way
2 months ago
Finally have some freedom of speech around here unlike that other “Black owned” app.
you tell me
2 months ago
I’m here because I was banned from the other “bLaCk OwNeD” app
hdhe dkddkdk
2 months ago
everything is happening
2 months ago
This is my first post on tthis app

It’s good

Its bad

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demo demo
3 months ago
can someone send me a direct message? I just want to see if I get thr notifications on the app

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