dude44 @dude44
21 June, 02:45
byhell @byhell
19 June, 04:11
deneme deneme
Mashwishi @Mashwishi
09 June, 05:16 (E)
ColibriSM - PWA Module for iOS and Android with Offline Fallback for only $15 thru Ko-fi using paypal or You can message me here for the crypto transaction.

Product: https://ko-fi.com/s/b8616d...
Version Support: 1.3.2-1.3.3

Supported Crypto Payment:

Tags: #colibrism #colibrismpwa #pwa #iOS #android #feature #module
Fuzzy @Fuzzy
01 June, 07:35
For anyone struggling with android app building change build grade to this It was because of version 4.1.0 I rollback to 4.0.2 and it works : classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.0.2'
Lucian Dumitrescu @Lemonity
25 May, 02:23
from the android application, when I write something on the wall/feed and put a youtube link too, only the link is published, what I wrote is not show it. #bug #colibriasm #colibriAndroid
Kevin Kwasnik @kkwasnik
06 May, 04:50

Hi Mansur, I hope your doing well.

We just had our android app built by the developer. All is well except images are not showing up. They tell us its becuase we use AWS and thats a bug on your side.

Is there a fix for this?
Anime Music @animemusic
02 May, 06:48
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Anime Music @animemusic
18 April, 10:11
Anime Music @animemusic
18 April, 07:32
Marcos Adriano @explicamac
16 April, 06:38
theblackloki Fuck it, we bought the android app and this shit comes with a shit tutorial. It lacks clarity in the presentation of how to build the application. You deserve to be sued, sell the product and use it in Play Story. Thats fucked up.
Colibri Social @colibrisocial
02 April, 11:10
here is the link to the native android app if anyone wanna try it.
tast34 @tast34
26 March, 10:40
signalstorer signalstorer @signalstorer
01 March, 03:03
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Mikhail Telecomlife @Telecomlife
16 February, 10:23

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