SteveAndCirila @SteveAndCirila
25 September, 01:20 (E)
A small video demo to see how the video loading and playback works. #GodsGiantTrees #news
Dao Dao @user45
21 September, 03:39 (E)
in the codecanyon on colibri product comments it's been 12 days no response from the developer. I want to buy this, but I have doubts about the support.

I found a similar script named Teskale, but this seems to have not been completed at the production level, there are still some buttons/inputs/features/designs that need to be fixed.

Wowonder has full features but it's beyond my needs.

@mansur_TL I hope your response to the comments on your product.
testtaccount @testtaccount
19 September, 12:43
please someone follow me, i'm experimenting #superfollows #followme
Abdel Rahman Abdel Latif @abdolateef
14 September, 02:08
internet speed test
Fygb @Fygb
13 September, 07:42
demoworker @demoworker
10 September, 07:54
Anderson Madeira @anderson
10 September, 06:54
Não tente mudar o que Deus fez, não tente mudar a criação de Deus. A misericórdia do Senhor é a causa de não sermos consumidos, mas não exagere, ela tem limites.

Qualquer, porém, que fizer tropeçar a um destes pequeninos que creem em mim, melhor lhe fora que se lhe pendurasse ao pescoço uma grande pedra de moinho, e fosse afogado na profundeza do mar.
Mateus 18:6 #bíblia #pensebem
Anderson Madeira @anderson
10 September, 05:22
#fotolog test
Anderson Madeira @anderson
10 September, 04:25
#Jesus 😉
Anderson Madeira @anderson
09 September, 03:46
25 de Julho de 2019, tive a oportunidade dada por DEUS de voltar a tocar. Foi um grande dia. 😊 #GrandeDia
westeam @westeam
09 September, 01:09
youwei wei @youwei
07 September, 06:38
Fancialcms Introduction
Fancialcms is a product distribution center online. All the products are made and shipped from China. The manufacturers are top in area supplying to Walmart/Costco/Target/IKEA such supermarkets and the cost is cheapest compared to other channels

Pay USD150 (service fee) you will get below benefits:

1.Domain, Website and server maintenance support for 1 year (7*24 experts standby face to face).
2.You get 50% B2C order commission from your website
3.You get commission from OEM/ODM or wholesale B2B business. We will support on cost reduction and logistics.
4.Money back guarantee 30 Days if you don’t like the service

As long as you have channels to promote and sell products online or offline, fancialcms will be the fastest way to be CEO. Now below areas is open for joining:
Japan, South Korea, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom

Contact us to know more:
Phone/whatsapp: +852 6238 5615
dcj @dcj
07 September, 02:54
Possible feature idea, when on any profile you can browse the hashtags they have used. Like a tab that's next to Media/Likes.

#suggestions #feature #colibrism
06 September, 06:47
bobobo @bobobo
05 September, 05:31
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