eddywekesa @eddywekesa
21 August, 09:13
eddywekesa @eddywekesa
13 April, 12:00
@mansur_TL Suggestions
1. User can save draft and publish later.
2. User can set time for draft to auto publish.
3. User can make post not seen by anyone.will be useful when writing thread. After finishing thread, user can make them be seen by oth
eddywekesa @eddywekesa
06 December, 09:09
@mansur_TL TheBlackLoki #moappbugs #ColibriBugs i have notice a bug. If someone has blocked me, i can still follow him, then see his post and even make a comment. On twitter, if someone blocks me, I cannot see his content, i can not even comment. Please correct this urgently
eddywekesa @eddywekesa
21 November, 10:34
What do you love most?

Web Version

Android Version

IOS Version

None of the ass above

eddywekesa @eddywekesa
14 September, 06:15
@mansur_TL Are you adding subscription?
eddywekesa @eddywekesa
12 September, 03:33
eddywekesa @eddywekesa
05 September, 10:10
You are awesome